A selection of clips from ‘The Shore’ – a documentary we created about life on an Island (long before ‘Coast’ came along, I might add ;)

“Based on the unique and innovative original programme created for Manx Radio, ‘The Shore’ is a vibrant mix of sound and vision, poems and songs. Fishermen, poets, historians, holidaymakers and archaelogists unveil the half-hidden world where the land meets the sea. Much of the pleasure lies in seeing – for perhaps the first time – aspects of the Isle of Man that are so easily overlooked. Do you know on which beach the shingle includes thousands of pieces of 18th century pottery? Who are the assassins in Pie-Crusts? Mixed with contemporary and traditional music from the Island.”

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* ‘The Shore in Motion’ (timelapse footage from a variety of locations around the Island)
* ‘The Shore as Inspiration’ – how the Island has been depicted in local art, including an interview with the late Norman Sayle
* ‘How To Cook A Lobster’ (with Butch from Tanroagan)
* the acclaimed original radio documentary

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